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AE Apprentice Cover
After Effects Apprentice 3d Edition covers After Effects CS6 as well as CS5.5 and CS5. More details...

An accompanying video training series is distributed by and Class on Demand. More details...

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CMG5 Cover

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects CS5, Fifth Edition was released in June 2010. More info and sample PDFs are posted on the CMG page. You can also order CMG5 on Amazon.

Welcome to Crish Design

Crish Design (formerly CyberMotion) is a motion graphics design studio founded by Trish and Chris Meyer. Many know us for the books we write about our craft, including After Effects Apprentice (widely used as a textbook) as well as Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects.

After two decades in Los Angeles, in 2008 we relocated to the East Mountains area outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico (read why on our PVC blog entry). We’ve since renamed our business Crish Design as an homage to the numerous friends who inevitably mashup our first names together into “Crish.”

Note that despite the more relaxed pace in the Land of Enchantment, we keep busy updating our After Effects Apprentice as well as continue to build our online training library.


Online Training News

We have created a variety of courses on After Effects (as well as Motion, Final Cut Pro, and CINEMA 4D) which are offered primarily through

If you are already a subscriber, click here to go to our main page. If you have never been a subscriber, see our Online Training page for details on getting a FREE 10-day all-access pass.

After Effects Apprentice Video Series: All of the lessons in the After Effects Apprentice video series are now available on as well as through Class on Demand. The series closely follows Apprentice 2nd edition and has now been updated to cover the new material in Apprentice 3rd edition for CS6. For more details, please read our blog post on



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Between our book and video training, we have less time for production work these day, but we are always open to working on interesting projects as our schedule allows. We specialize in high-impact, multi-layered motion graphics for video and film, often tightly integrated with music. Samples of our work can be found in our three Portfolio sections: Movie Titles, Broadcast, and Corporate.

We have created motion graphics for a large variety of media and venues, including film titles, show opens, and trade show graphics.


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Calligraphy Tools Resources

Materials list for Introduction to Calligraphy Pens article published Sept 14, 2015.


See all our courses on our main page at If you are not a subscriber, use our 10-day FREE pass.

After Effect: 2015 Creative Cloud Updates –  Online Training

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 brings significant breakthroughs in performance and shared workflows including a new preview scheme, libraries, and face tracking.

Hidden Gems Weekly

Each week Chris and Trish Meyer reveal another of After Effects' hidden gems: useful tricks, shortcuts, and features accumulated in their 20+ years of working with After Effects.

Creating Flying Logos with AE and CINEMA 4D Lite

In this entry-level project-based course, Chris shows you how to extrude and animate a flying logo using Illustrator, After Effects, and the powerful 3D plugin bundled with Creative Cloud, CINEMA 4D Lite.

After Effects: Creative Cloud Updates – Online Training

Learn about all the exciting motion graphics and visual effects features coming up in After Effects CC. Chris reviews the streamlined connection to Maxon CINEMA 4D, highlights the Refine Edge tool for creating mattes around hair and other partially transparent areas, and reveals how to get more accurate tracks and stabilizations with Reverse Stabilization and ground planes, plus lots more.

AE Apprentice Update

If you are using the 3rd Edition with the latest After Effects CC (released June 2013), please refer to this PDF – Notes for users of AE CC – for changes you should be aware of.

AE Apprentice 3rd Edition

After Effects Apprentice 3rd Edition: We've posted a list of changes from the 2nd edition on our PVC Blog. Note that the online training course has also been updated to cover these new features!

Artbeats Stock Footage

Liquid Abstracts Nature Abstracts

We created a two-volume video library (in both SD and HD) for high-end stock footage house Artbeats. Called Liquid Abstracts and Nature Abstracts, these use the natural motion of water, leaves, wind chimes, and shadows as a starting point to create colorful background textures crafted to sit comfortably behind text, lower thirds, and ID bugs. We think you'll find them sensuous, as well as highly useful.

iStock Footage

Liquid Abstracts

In addition to our stock footage collections available through, we have also made more of our abstract backgrounds available through the budget user-generated content site These focus more on having "hold out" areas in the center for titles, or just being pretty imagery to mix into your projects.