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After Effects Apprentice 4th Edition covers After Effects CC. More details and samples...

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An accompanying video training series is distributed by

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Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects CS5, Fifth Edition was released in June 2010. More info and sample PDFs are posted on the CMG page. You can also order CMG5 on Amazon.

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Welcome to Crish Design

After Effects Apprentice, 4th Edition for AE CC is the latest edition; click here for the Table of Contents and sample PDFs.

Our After Effects books and training videos have become valued references, enjoyed by beginners and professionals alike. If you're wondering which version is right for you, check out our guides to the various editions (and translations into different languages) for After Effects Apprentice and Creating Motion Graphics.

After many years creating motion graphics for clients in Los Angeles, we now reside in the East Mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Despite the more relaxed pace in the Land of Enchantment, we keep busy with other artistic and musical pursuits; more about those in our About page.


Online Training

We have created a variety of courses on After Effects which are offered through LinkedInLearning (previously

After Effects Apprentice Book & Video Series:

If you are already a LinkedInLearning subscriber, click here to go directly to the After Effects Apprentice Collection.

The video series closely follows After Effects Apprentice 2nd and 3rd editions with additional updates added to cover the new material in Apprentice 4th edition for CC.



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While working in Los Angeles, we created motion graphics for a large variety of media and venues, including film titles, show opens, and trade show graphics. Samples of our past work can be found in our three Portfolio section (apologies, Flash movies were okay once, as were static websites!).



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After Effects Classic Courses

We are re-releasing After Effects online training courses that LinkedIn Learning have dropped from their site because they were a few years old. As any user of Adobe software knows, even though new features get added all the time along with the occasional user interface refresh, the core of the program remains essentially the same – so there’s still useful content in many of these old movies. We are posting them on our PVC Blog along with commentary about how a feature may have changed from its original release.

Follow our Facebook page for links to new uploads.

AE Apprentice Curated Collection

Our After Effects Apprentice online training course is organized in a handy Collection. Bookmark the Collection, and you'll be able to easily following along all 19 courses.