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Creating Motion Graphics – 5th Edition
for After Effects CS5
ISBN: 978-0-240-81415-5
Paperback: 768 pages, full color, with DVD
Published by Focal Press, 2010

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“Motion graphics and moving images are essential to communicating in a memorable way. Trish and Chris Meyer are masters of their craft and are uniquely qualified to guide anyone learning Adobe After Effects.” —Michael Coleman, Product Manager, Adobe After Effects

Creating Motion Graphics for After Effects

5th Edition for AE CS5

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Fifth Edition for CS5 includes new chapters on Roto Brush, mocha v2 for AE, and using 3D effects. Please note that you need CS5 or later to open the projects on the DVD. Order CMG5 on

Trish and Chris Meyer share seventeen years of real-world film and video production experience inside the critically acclaimed Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects. More than a step-by-step review of the features in After Effects, you will learn how the program thinks so that you can realize your own visions more quickly and efficiently. This 768-page full-color book is packed with tips, gotchas, and sage advice that will help users thrive no matter what projects they might encounter.

Creating Motion Graphics 5th Edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the new features introduced in both After Effects CS4 and CS5 in one massive, essential reference. New chapters cover the revolutionary new Roto Brush feature, as well as mocha and mocha shape. The 3D section has been expanded to include working with 3D effects such as Digieffects FreeForm plus workflows including Adobe Repoussé, Vanishing Point Exchange, and 3D model import using Adobe Photoshop Extended. The print version is also accompanied by a DVD that contains project files* and source materials for all the techniques demonstrated in the book, as well as nearly 200 pages of bonus chapters on subjects such as expressions, scripting, and effects. (*Note: Project files are for CS5; they are not backward compatible with CS4.)

Topics include:
  • Mastering animation through the use of keyframes, motion paths, and the Graph Editor
  • Blending imagery using alpha channels, masks, mattes, modes, and stencils
  • Building groups and hierarchies through parenting and nested compositions
  • Extended coverage of type animation, paint tools and 3D space
  • New CS5 features including Roto Brush, mocha v2 for AE, and the Digieffects Freeform
  • Advanced subjects such as keying, motion tracking, mocha, expressions, integrating with 3D applications, and video issues
  • Extensive coverage of recently added features such as Shape and Puppet tools, Per-character 3D text, Brainstorm, Cartoon effect, color management, and more!
  • The DVD also includes almost 200 pages of additional information, including lengthy Bonus Chapters on Expressions and Effects.

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